Hymn #341: Before the world began

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1. Before the world began one Word was there;
grounded in God he was, rooted in care;
by him all things were made;
in him was love displayed;
through him God spoke and said, 'I am for you.'

2. Life found in him its source; death found its end;
light found in him its course, darkness its friend,
for neither death nor doubt
nor darkness can put out
the glow of God, the shout: 'I am for you.'

3. The Word was in the world which from him came;
unrecognized he was, unknown by name;
one with all humankind,
with the unloved aligned,
convincing sight and mind: 'I am for you.'

4. All who received the Word by God were blessed;
sisters and brothers they of earth's fond guest.
So did the Word of Grace
proclaim in time and space
and with a human face, 'I am for you.'

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