Hymn #190: You thirsty ones

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1. You thirsty ones! come to the spring!
Have you no money? Come,
buy wine and milk! Come, buy and eat,
without a price or sum.

2. Why do you work and earn and spend
on that which is not bread?
Oh listen now and come to me;
eat what is good instead.

3. This food delights and satisfies,
the food your God can give;
incline your ear and come to me;
oh hear that you may live.

4. Return while God may still be found
and call while God will hear;
now let the wicked quit their ways,
while yet the Lord is near.

5. My word like heaven's snow descends;
it falls like heaven's rain;
it waters all the thirsty earth
and shall not go in vain.

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