Hymn #188: Far across the burning desert

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1. Far across the burning desert
Jacob fled a brother's wrath.
Starless night obscured his vision;
trackless sands his only path.
Light, unseen within our darkness,
shining where no eye can see:
God of Jacob, silent searcher,
seek us, when from you we flee.

2. Lonely, cheerless, none to comfort,
Jacob's bed was barren ground.
Worn by guilty flight and fearful,
troubled sleep at length he found.
Rest of every anxious wanderer,
healer of the heart's distress:
God of Jacob, friend of sinners,
meet us in our wilderness.

3. Signs of God were nowhere present
in that distant, alien place.
Of the hand that once had led him,
Jacob's eye could find no trace.
Unseen hand whose hidden presence
leads us by an unknown way:
God of Jacob, help us trust you
when in darkest night we pray.

4. Jacob, sleeping, saw a ladder
reaching high from earth to sky.
Faith, whose wings till then were folded,
stirred with Jacob's waking cry:
'Surely God, unseen, is with me
in this barren, cheerless place.'
God of Jacob, grant us vision
in the night to glimpse your face.

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