Hymn #140: In Bethlehem a newborn boy

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1. In Bethlehem a newborn boy
was hailed with songs of praise and joy.
Then warning came of danger near:
King Herod's troops would soon appear.

2. The soldiers sought the Child in vain:
not yet was he to share our pain,
but down the ages rings the cry
of those who saw their children die.

3. Still rage the fires of hate today,
and innocents the price must pay,
while aching hearts in every land
cry out, 'We cannot understand!'

4. Lord Jesus, through our night of loss
shines out the wonder of your cross,
the love that cannot cease to bear
our human anguish everywhere.

5. May that great love our lives control
and conquer hate in every soul,
till, pledged to build and not destroy,
we share your pain and find your joy.

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