Hymn #801: From ocean unto ocean

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1. From ocean unto ocean
our land shall name you Lord,
and, filled with true devotion,
obey your sovereign word;
our prairies and our mountains,
forest and fertile field,
our rivers, lakes and fountains
to you shall tribute yield.

2. O Christ, we pray before you:
come in your power to dwell.
Now humbly we implore you:
make this land whole and well,
and may we know, Lord Jesus,
the touch of your dear hand,
and, healed of our diseases,
the tempter's power withstand.

3. Our Saviour King, defend us,
and guide where we should go;
forth with your message send us,
your love and light to show;
till, fired with true devotion
and kindled by your word,
from ocean unto ocean
our land shall name you Lord.

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