Hymn #660: Prayer is the soul's sincere desire

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1. Prayer is the soul's sincere desire,
uttered or unexpressed,
the motion of a hidden fire,
that trembles in the breast.

2. Prayer is the simplest form of speech
that infant lips can try,
prayer the sublimest strains that reach
the Majesty on high.

3. Prayer is the contrite sinners' voice,
returning to the way,
while angels in their songs rejoice,
and cry, 'Behold, they pray.'

4. Prayer is the Christian's vital breath,
the Christian's native air;
our watchword at the gates of death,
we enter heaven with prayer.

5. O thou, by whom we come to God,
the Life, the Truth, the Way,
the path of prayer thyself hast trod:
Lord, teach us how to pray.

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