Hymn #54: My song forever shall record

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1. My song forever shall record
the tender mercies of the Lord;
thy faithfulness will I proclaim,
and every age shall know thy name.
I sing of mercies that endure,
forever builded firm and sure.

2. Almighty God, thy lofty throne
has justice for its cornerstone,
and shining bright before thy face
are truth and love and boundless grace.
The heavens shall join in glad accord
to praise thy wondrous works, O Lord.

3. The swelling sea obeys thy will;
its angry waves thy voice can still;
the heavens and earth, by right divine,
the world and all therein are thine;
the whole creation's wondrous frame
proclaims its Maker's glorious name.

4. With blessing is the nation crowned
whose people know the joyful sound;
they in the light, O Lord, shall live,
the light thy face and favour give.
Their fame and might to thee belong,
for in thy favour they are strong.

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