Hymn #1: How blest are they, who, fearing God

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1. How blest are they who, fearing God,
from sin restrain their feet,
who will not with the wicked stand,
and shun the sinner's seat.

2. How blest are they who make God's law
their treasure and delight
and meditate upon that word
with gladness day and night.

3. Their lives are nourished like a tree
set by the river's side;
its leaf is green; its fruit is sure;
so all their works abide.

4. The wicked, like the driven chaff,
are blown across the land;
they shall not gather with the just,
nor in the judgement stand.

5. The Lord will guard the righteous well;
their way to God is known;
the way of sinners, far from God,
shall surely be o'erthrown.

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